Five things I loved in August

August 29, 2016
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You know, I think I’d watch Alison Janney in just about anything. Her’s is a towering talent (har, har) I idolised her as CJ, LOLed at her in The Help (“Love and hate are two horns on the same goat, and we need a goat!”) and knew a teacher just like her quirky turn as Ms Perky in Ten Things. LINK In Tallulah, she rejoins Juno co-star Ellen Page in a story about a young woman who (in a moment of madness/clarity) steals a baby from a hotel room.

I watched Tallulah because it was written and directed by a woman and female-led things are among my most potent self-care tonics. Even if your self-care doesn’t require entertainment products soaked in estrogen, I recommend it this as a hilarious, complex and multi-facated portrayal of women and what we expect of them.

The US Gymnastics Team:

Not having a TV, I usually opt out of mass sporting occasions (except when they’re taking place close to my house and my casual ignorance sours into annoyance at WHY the rugby lads need to make such a racket so early on a Sunday morning!) Gymnastics in this summer’s Olympics was an exception. Watching the US team dominate so comprehensively was an inspiration. I like the excessive hair & make up and skimpy outfits less, but their strength, focus, determination – that was a sight to behold.

Not to get all mushy about it, but there is something about watching someone who’s trained for decades make the slightest error and land on their heads to teach us all something about disappointment. aka it doesn’t kill you, life goes on. Also – their families watching.

This burger I had at a random place in Monaghan on my way home from a wedding:

OK, I realise that this will be almost impossible for you to replicate but the party-in-my-mouth that was the 2 pattied, perfectly cooked beef burger with crispy, slightly sweet onions, earthy mushrooms and a fresh floury bap I’ve ever tasted was easily the meal of the summer. The fries were crispy and light, the pepper sauce creamy and most importantly, plentiful. There may have been some salad on the plate (honestly don’t remember!) but that burger was divine. It benefitted from the fact that I was ravenous, a little hungover and had gotten us lost several times before arriving at the place and so really felt I’d earned it. Also, love a good old man bar.

The Fosters

I really didn’t want to get into a show that had four seasons but this charmed me. The best way to describe it is as a modern version of Seventh Heaven without the religion and therefore the judgement. It’s about a lesbian couple and their multi-racial family. Emily’s review captures the spirit better than I can. This scene made me melt. In the middle of a hot, stressful summer, a little dip into the loving embrace of a screwed up (but doing its best) family was just what I needed.

Start close in

I’m not a big poetry person. I should be; I know I’d love it. I should get a starter book of collected favourites to keep by my bed and dip in & out of. This poem captured something about simple but precise about starting which is that you must start. Of course, it says it better.

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